Chengdu Wangzhongxin Automatic Door Co., Ltd. is a professional gate control company specializing in production design, sales, maintenance and installation. The company has gate control and hardware product production bases in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Since the company stationed in Chengdu, our company has mainly engaged in: automatic doors, induction doors, revolving doors, automatic induction doors, framed automatic doors, glass automatic doors, glass induction doors, escape automatic doors, medical automatic doors, access control automatic doors, overlapping Automatic induction door, two-wing revolving door, three-wing automatic revolving door, automatic sliding door, heavy-duty automatic door, glass floor door, access control series, hardware accessories, security equipment, decoration works, etc .; To meet the different needs of various users, We also provide (Germany) Dorma automatic doors , (Germany) GEZE automatic doors , (Germany) Siemens automatic doors , (Switzerland) Ruida automatic induction doors , ( USA ) Stanley automatic induction doors, (Japan) Panasonic automatic doors and (Domestic) High-quality automatic door equipment and other products

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Chengdu Wangzhongxin Automatic Door Company Profile
The company has a specialized design and production base: discerning materials, skilled installation and maintenance of automatic doors, induction doors, revolving doors and other products, using cost-effective equipment to provide you with life-long services

Automatic revolving door
Revolving doors are of diverse varieties, fussy materials, novel designs, safe and convenient, durable, and leave a high-end atmosphere.
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Chengdu Wangzhongxin automatic door, which gathers many domestic technical elites, uses the top door control at home and abroad. Hardware products have passed rigorous testing, meet various domestic standards, and have a professional after-sales service team.

Access control attendance system
The perfect combination of automatic induction door with attendance access control and security system fully reflects the intelligence of automatic door, which can achieve easy access and safety.
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